SmartEden® – Mission:

“SmartEden® – Engineering & Business” mission is: “innovating by smart technology and effective management, in order to bring benefits for people and business”.


SmartEden® – Competence Areas:

– Engineering
– Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
– Electronics
– Strategy and business management
– Product management
– Project management


SmartEden® –  Target & Offer:

SmartEden® is primarily aimed at Business-to-Business market, offering to the companies services and consultancy both in the information & communication technology (ICT) field and in the managerial field.

With regard to the technological/ICT field, the offer of SmartEden® is related to design and development of Smart Systems in all possible forms, that is both “classical” information/electronics systems (like: systems with hardware-software integration, software applications, internet & web applications, etc.) and “modern” smart systems (like: applications about the Smart Cities development, the Machine-to-Machine communication, the Internet-of-Things and the Green Economy, App for mobile/smartphone and tablet devices, etc.).

With regard to the managerial consulting, the offer of SmartEden® is crossing all possible corporate sectors and is related to several functional areas like: general management, product/business management and project management.

The offer may be provided both with the formula of “temporary management” at the customer site, or as external work on specific projects.


SmartEden® – Activities summary:

Projects and Consulting.
Solutions, Services, Products.



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